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Scotts Dispatch 4-U Auto Carrier Service

Lexington Kentucky KY area auto carrier service offers reliable car moving quotes and 24/7 nationwide car shipping coast to coast. Providing single auto transport for corporate transfers, college students and snowbirds. Professional service for the commercial wholesale car moving market - auto auctions, car dealerships, rental fleets and the vehicle remarketing industry.

The Best Car Shipping Service 4 U | The car moving industry is filled with on line brokers with only "behind the desk" knowledge of the car shipping business. You’ll find hidden fees, loopholes, "adjustable" car moving quotes and broken delivery promises.

Scott’s Dispatch 4 U brings real world, on the road experience to the auto shipping business. As an independently owned and operated company we pride ourselves with giving you the best car transport service. Competitive moving quotes, real-world delivery schedules and responsive service is what we deliver.

• Nationwide service from Florida to Michigan, California to New York and everything in-between. Serving areas coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

• Regional routes are covered - from Louisville to Detroit, Atlanta to Memphis, Jersey City to Philadelphia - with our network of car carriers on-call and experienced with your transport routes.

• Serving the car moving needs of the individual customer and the wholesale commercial client – single car corporate transfers or auto auction deliveries, seasonal car shipping for the snowbird or lot-to-lot fleet transport for car dealerships – professional, reliable vehicle transport is what we deliver.

• Moving trucks, car, RVs, boats or motorcycles, industrial units or non-operational vehicles – our network of car carriers are on call and ready to deliver anywhere, anytime. And don’t forget to request a closed carrier for your irreplaceable classic car, luxury vehicle or sentimental favorite.

• Customized service, 24/7 availability and owner/operator commitment to quality gives you competitive, reliable car moving quotes and peace-of-mind auto transport service.

Independently owned and operated - 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Request a quote today!

Around the Corner or Across the Country, Scott's Dispatch 4-U Can Deliver

Scotts Dispatch 4-U Auto Carrier Service

108 W Maxwell St Stanford Kentucky 40484-1220
✆ 606-669-4402

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