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Relax And Ride Taxi Service

Lansing and East Lansing | You can a reservation or give us a call. Our taxi drivers are efficient when it comes to getting around Lansing. Michigan State University campus is also very familiar to us. We can get you to your destination in comfort and on time.

Airport Shuttle | We provide reliable curb-side shuttle service to Lansing, Flint, Detroit and Grand Rapids airports. We understand travel arrangements are important and its our job to get you there and "Always On TIme".

Custom Transportation | In addition to providing a quality taxi service in the Lansing and East Lansing areas, we also provide related services tailored to your needs. These services include light moving, help with groceries, tours around the city, and courier service.

Our Promise To You:

If you make a decision to schedule a taxi cab ride with us, you will be driven safely, and treated with respect. Your driver will arrive on time and will be someone who knows the area and how to maneuver around it efficiently. In current times, an individual has many travel options available. This is great as freedom of choice is. We take pride in being one of several of those choices in Lansing and East Lansing and we really do appreciate the opportunity to have you as our customer. Our team is made up in part of individuals with a commitment to excellence, that will not be happy providing anything less than top notch service, at a competitive price.

Extended Local Taxi Coverage

Taxi Rides to Dewitt
Cab Rides to Bath, MI
taxi ride to Mason
Cab Rides to Holt, MI
Rides to Meridian Township

Relax And Ride Taxi Service

1512 E Grand River Ave, Lansing Michigan 48906  | View Map Map opens in new browser window
T: 517 940 4604

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