Van Truck Mini-Bus Hire / Rental

This topic covers commercial van hire and truck or mini bus rental. Companies listed here can offer short term or long term rentals of specialist vehicles for both business and private requirements. Many companies can rent a wide range of moving vehicles - from small or medium to large size vans, fleet trucks or light commercial storage vans.

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Almost New Rentals provides van hire, offering unlimited mileage rates.

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Capps Van & Car Rental hires vehicles allowed to travel within the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Image Van Rentals is proud to provide travelers with a wide variety of van rentals including specialized luxury vans, full size vans, fuel efficient m...
St James New York
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VAN & CAR Rental rents cars and vans to neighborhood customers, local businesses, and people in need of temporary replacement vehicles.

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A guide to finding rental vans across the U.S.


Zipcar maintains and insures vehicles that it parks throughout dense urban areas. Members can reserve the vehicles for as little as one hour

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Van Truck Mini-Bus Hire / Rental