This topic covers INTERACTIVE sites offering information and services for a wide range of automotive issues. You'll find links to many auto resources including message bulletin boards, forums, car owners' blogs, surveys and reviews. Follow the category links below to find out more.


Clubs & Forums

We present two types of clubs in the directory. There are full on official clubs that meet, have regular runs and present exhibitions along with online clubs that generally do not meet, but discuss their interests through an online forum.
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Clubs - Elected

Clubs - Online


This topic covers Software and computer accessories for various needs, ranging from corporate to personal use. Use the links below to find out more about electronic car systems such as GPS devices, Garage Systems and diagnostic management programs – many of which offer free trials. You'll also find links to other software services such as web design and hosting, parts catalogues and information and services for the latest in automotive technology for the home or business. There are also shop listings of software companies offering fleet tracking and management software.

Web Site Design

Specialist IT professionals that work specifically with automotive clients such as dealerships, driving schools and accessory factors.