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This topic covers distributors of EXHAUST aftermarket spare parts and accessories. Follow the links below to find vehicle part suppliers offering replacement exhaust parts that are duplicates of the original, made to specification and sometimes enhanced.

These links should help you find specialist outlets offering spare parts for a wide range of vehicles, including exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, tailpipes, mufflers and exhaust repair kits.


Produces precision exhaust tips or pipes made of T304, 16 gauge, stainless steel. A chrome film is applied to give a durable non-corrosive surface.

View Alloy Options Exhaust

Develops and manufactures high quality stainless steel and carbon fiber performance exhaust systems. Secure online shopping cart.

View B and B Fabrication, Inc.

Offers mufflers and exhaust systems, including chrome exhaust tips and catalytic converters.

View California Muffler

Offers Catco OEM replacement catalytic converters.
LA California
View Catalytic Converter Replacement

Stainless steel replacement mufflers and exhaust systems for Mitsubishi models and Nissan 300ZX. Shipping and installation available.

View Certified Muffler

Designs, manufactures, and sells high performance stainless steel and titanium exhaust systems for automotive and marine applications.

View Corsa Performance

Performance exhaust and horsepower products for Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins powered vehicles.

View Diesel Pro

Manufactures mufflers and exhaust systems for street performance and racing, sold through distributors across the US

View Spin Tech Mufflers

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