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Steering Wheels and Shift Knobs

This topic covers distributors of STEERING WHEELS, SHIFT KNOB and other interior parts and accessories. Follow the links below to find part suppliers offering replacement steering parts that are duplicates of the original, made to specification and sometimes enhanced.

These links should help you find specialist outlets offering automotive steering parts for a wide range of cars, including leather and vinyl steering wheel covers, carbon fibre steering wheels, club-locks and more. You’ll also find retailers of personalised gearshift knobs and a wide range of interior auto products.

Imported car shifter knobs with genuine Australian black widow spiders encased inside in a life like stance.

View Arachnaform

Distributors of performance automotive parts including steering wheels, graphics, gear shift knobs and dash kits.

View Burg Design

Site for flame ball gear shift knobs in different colors and designs.

View Central Manufacturing

Large gear shift knobs available in black or white.

View Fatknobs

Manufactures unique gear-shift knobs made from river rounded rock found in the mountains and deserts of Utah.

View Rocknob

Gear shift lever accessory that provides a lighted indicator showing which gear is currently engaged

View Sureshifter

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Steering Wheels and Shift Knobs