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This topic covers Aftermarket OIL & FUEL products for automotive enthusiasts. You’ll find sales outlets that can offer a wide range of auto fuels and petrol accessories for cars and motorcycles including LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) products, lubricants, coolants and additives.

You’ll also find retailers who can provide LPG engine conversions and other maintenance services for your engine. Many outlets can also offer oil-treatments, tank refills and synthetic lead substitutes. Look here to find a sales outlet near you.

Sells automotive additives and chemical products, including Militec-1 metal surface lubricant, Duro-Care for leather, vinyl and rubber and GTA fuel en...

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Amsoil synthetic motor oils, synthetic lubricants, and other products provide quality, performance, and maximum protection for all vehicles.
Lake Ariel Pennsylvania
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Save money, preserve your equipment, get getter mileage, reduce maintenance expense with AMSOIL oils, and greases. Free catalog and lubricant applicat...
Tampa Florida
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Offers a motor oil and automatic transmission fluid additive designed to improve performance and increase protection. Product info and online orderin...

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Metal engine and drivetrain treatment products for gas and diesel engines designed to improve protection and performance.

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Online distributor of Lucas Oil fuel and lubricant additives. Product information and online ordering available.

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Offers IXL metal conditioner products for fuel and hydraulic and lubricating oils. Product and distributor information available.

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Rewitec: automotive coating lubricant for engines, hydraulics and transmissions. Triple the life. The ultimate solution for friction reduction using a...
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Canadian based seller of a metal treatment for engines, transmissions, etc. Also offers lubricants pre-mixed with their metal treatment. Product inf...

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Specializes in lubrication and oil additive products. Orders taken by fax only.

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Reduce smog, increase gas mileage and hp. Verified by the d. O. T. And the military. Also available oil booster - reduces wear up to 90% and also tran...

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Syn-tech ltd. Is a premier worldwide lubricants formulator and manufacturer. Automotive, aviation, military, aerospace, medical, food grade, recreatio...
Addison Illinois
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Sells Pro-Blend Motorsports products, including oil additives, octane boosters, tire treatments, transmission lubricants, cooling system aids, machini...

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Sells fuel, transmission, and radiator additives designed to prolong engine and lubricant life. Online sales and independent representatives.

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Manufacturer of lubricant and additive products designed to coat and preserve stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys and other materials such as fibe...

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Offering a very complete line of gas and diesel engine treatments with extensive testing information and testimonials available

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