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License Plates & Registration

This topic covers suppliers of license plates and frames. Unique license plates are hot property for owners who want to add that personal touch to their car.
Whether its for personal or business use, a unique license plate / mark shows the personality of the driver when on the road and let them shows their colors.

License Plate Lookup


With access to DMV records in all 50 US States, USD and our partners are able to access and uncover the owner of any valid license plate. Our search process is super fast and 100% accurate! Additionally, our searches can handle partial plates -- for example if you know it's a Florida plate bu...

View License Plate Lookup

Specializing in heavy gauge aluminum airbrushed auto tags, custom plaques, frames and accessories.

View Airbrush License Plates

Made in the USA logo license plate frames and license plates.

View Auto Attire

Premium quality plates and frames in gold and chrome.

View Auto Gold

Choose from over 2,000 auto license plates, novelty license plates and frames inc MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NFL football, NCAA and Nascar official...
Tucson Arizona
View Auto License Plates and Frames

Custom personalized auto tags, license plates, engraved frames, and accessories. Also manufactures tags in quantities with custom art.

View Auto Tags of Gatlinburg

Offering custom license plates.

View Custom 4U

Vanity and personalized license plates and frames. Includes sample designs.

View Custom Auto Tags

Specializing in custom airbrushed license plates and frames including European.

View Custom Engraving Co.

Custom engraved license plate frames for autos and motorcycles.

View Dakota Engraving

Design your own personalized vanity plate, or choose from over 100 hand airbrushed designs.

View Hot Plates Company

Custom plates for businesses, churches, and schools for identification and fundraising. Includes design based on logo, idea, or sketch. Review online ...
View Leeward Productions

Gunther Gifts specializes in unique personalized license plate frames for cars, trucks and SUV's. Visit our 15,000 sq.ft. warehouse or order online. F...
Carlsbad California
View License Plate Frames

License plates and novelty auto tags. Large selection.

View License Plate Shop

Airbrush license plates, team plates and frames include NASCAR, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and college teams.

View License Plates Online

Site offering a wide selection of genuine license plates from all 50 states. Including collecting tips.

View License Plates USA

License plate collector news, events, and auctions. "Highs Page" tracks highest-observed issued plate numbers in each U. S. state and Canadian provin...

View LicensePlates.cc

My Plates are officially licensed as street legal by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. My Plates is a Texas-based company that was awarded a...
Austin TX
View My Plates | Texas License Plates

License plates wanted and available from various collectors; event listings; introduction to license plate collecting.

View Pl8meet

Provides free lookup tools for vehicle ownership, vehicle identification and license plate numbers. United States residents can search the databas...

View Reverse License Plate Search

Specializing in personalized and specialty license plate frames for your auto or motorcycle.

View Traffic Talk

Personalized license plate frames for all types of vehicles and motorcycles.

View Two Chicks

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License Plates & Registration