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Autogas LPG Conversions

This topic covers Autogas LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) Conversions and suppliers of LP Gas products for automotive enthusiasts. You’ll find automotive professionals providing LPG engine conversions for your car, van or truck to reduce fuel costs and other maintenance services for your engine. Many outlets can also offer oil-treatments, tank refills and lead substitutes.

You’ll also find engine converter specialists that can offer a wide range of auto fuels and gas accessories for cars and motorcycles including LP Gas products, lubricants, coolants and additives.


Campbell - Parnell, Inc. specializes in the distribution and installation of EPA-certified LPG conversion systems to government agencies in the United...

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Impco Technologies Inc. manufactures and markets products and systems that allow on-highway and off-highway engines to operate on clean burning, gaseo...

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Install a completely remanufactured Jasper gas engine in your vehicle and get the best of both worlds. Our remanufactured engines are built to meet or...

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Technocarb Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer of Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits for Trucks, Automobiles and Industrial Equipment.

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Autogas LPG Conversions